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Reel to reel

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 I can convert reel to reel tapes to CDs/DVDs or digital files(*)
Note: It is legal to have a copy in a different format for each device you own. Click HERE for the details.
Standard price (includes GST) (Contact me for bulk discounts) Note: (max size reel is 17.5cm)
Basic audio conversion - standard direct transfer of reel tape contents to digital file and standard 'hiss' remova and, equalising but NO artwork:
- 1 to 80 Minutes tape to ONE CD(+) - $10 or to files (on supplied SD card/USB stick or digital download) - $5
- $10 for each extra 80 minute periods.
Splitting audio file to individual tracks - add $3 per 80 minutes
Adding individual track tag information to digital files - add $5 per 80 minutes (you would have to supply the details)
Extra CD copies $3 (only for non-copyrighted material)
* Digital file formats supported: WAV. AIFF. MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC and WMA.
(+) Open reel tapes can be very long but everything would fit on one DVD if preferred
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