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About me

I grew up in Gisborne, the first city to see the sun, and lived in Wellington for more than forty years. In 2018, I returned to Gisborne where I’m supporting my elderly mum. Involved in many aspects of community life, I am a member of not-for-profit community organisations, including Gisborne Wainui Lions Club.
Interested in exploring religious thought and expression from a non-dogmatic and human-oriented standpoint, in Wellington I was a member of St. Andrew’s on The Terrace a progressive Presbyterian Church, St. Andrew’s Trust for the Study of Religion and Society (administrator & web maestro), Sea of Faith Network (web master), and Ephesus (web maestro).
Though raised a Christian, I enjoy learning about other spiritual streams and faiths. My journey continues to take many twists and turns when I find paths of interest. For more than ten years, I have been developing a meditation practice and now practice daily. My home base for meditation was One Mindful Breath (Wellington), a secular Buddhist community where all the centuries of metaphysical accretions had been scraped off the teachings, allowing us to focus on the early teachings of Gotama, the Buddha.
I have a high awareness of ecological, poverty and unjust treatment in this world, and so do what I can to raise awareness of and give support to those struggling for justice and equality.
I also help my friends become more internet and tech savvy – a labour of love.
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