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Recover old memories from Audio/Video/computer disc

Video tape - VHS and VHS-c

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I can convert VHS and VHS-c (from movie cameras) video tapes to DVD or digital file
Note: It is legal to have a copy in a different format for each device you own – click HERE for details.
Standard price (includes GST) starts at $10 each. Contact me for bulk discounts.
Basic VHS tape conversion: standard direct transfer of VHS tape (contents of 2 hours or less) to DVD or digital file withoput any artwork. $10 and if more than 2 hours, $15, as it requires a dual-layer DVD which holds 3.5 hours.
DVD cover art (colour) and DVD face printing $10 per DVD
Extra CD copies (only for non-copyrighted DVDs): Standard single layer DVD $3, Dual Layer $5.00 – with Cover & DVD face printing $6
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