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Copying sound recording for personal use

According to the Copyright (New Technologies) Amendment Act 2008, (new section 81A) ...

Copyright in a sound recording and in a literary or musical work contained in it is not infringed by copying the sound recording, if the following conditions are met:
(a) The sound recording is not a communication work (i.e. from public broadcast) or part of a communication work; and
(b) the copy is made from a sound recording that is not an infringing copy; and
(c) the sound recording is not borrowed or hired; and
(d) the copy is made by the owner of the sound recording (*); and
(e) the owner acquired the sound recording legitimately; and
(f) the copy is used only for that owner's personal use or the personal use of a member of the household in which the owner lives or both; and
(g) no more than one copy is made for each device for playing sound recordings that is owned by the owner of the sound recording; and
(h) the owner of the sound recording retains the ownership of both the sound recoding and any copy that is made under this section.

(*) This sub section may imply that only the owner of the recording may physically made a copy by ripping it on the computer to another format. I believe the intent is that the owner has control of both the original and the copy. In providing a conversion service for media of obsolete equipment I am merely acting as an agent for the owner. Any material I have recorded is kept only long enough to ensure the owner is happy with the results of the conversion.

The italicised (i.e. from a public broadcast) is my addition to indiacte what "communication work" means in the act.