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Website design, build, host and update

To have your own unique and individual presence on the Internet, three things are required:

  1. A Domain Name - the name used to identify your website on the Internet. Prices vary from $30 to about $80 a year for a New Zealand domain. Other countries domains can be less expensive.
  2. A Host computer - the computer server that displays your website pages on the Internet - obviously it must be connected to the Internet all the time. Prices vary from $15 a month upwards depending on size and traffic volumes.
  3. The actual web site itself - this must be designed and built. This can, but need not be, very expensive.

Together we can design a website and I can then build it for you. I will even apply the updates for you over time - you can just email the changes through.

Click here to view a list of the websites I have created or given a makeover.

The process:

The first thing you need to have is the basic detail of what you want your website to convey and how you want the pages to interconnect.
Next is the visual design of the website. I have many web site templates or professional templates can be purchased, or a website can be built completely from your original ideas.

The next stage is to host and update your website - I can also do this for you, or you can purchase hosting form many different vendors.

The last stage is to purchase your Domain Name, if you don't have one already, and connect it to your website. Again I can provide this service for you or you can opurchase Domains through various Registries.

Costs are as follows:

Small site (0-1 GB)
Medium Site (1-5 GB)
Large site (5-10 GB)
Design & Build web site
$20/hr max $200
$20/hr max $500
$20/hr max $1500
Web hosting on my server
$15 a qtr/$60 a year
$20 a qtr/$80 a year
$30 a qtr/$120 a year
Domain name (N.Z.)
$8 a qtr/$32 a year
$8 a qtr/$32 a year
$8 a qtr/$32 a year
Domain name (world)
$5 a qtr/$20 a year
$5 a qtr/$20 a year
$5 a qtr/$20 a year
Web site updates
$20 per hour
$20 per hour
$20 per hour
COMBO 1: Hosting & perpetual updates
(< 1 hr month)
$25 a qtr/$100 a year
$30 a qtr/$120 a year
$40 a qtr/$160 a year
COMBO 2: Hosting & Domain name & perpetual updates
(< 1 hr month)
$30 a qtr/$120 a year
$35 a qtr/$140 a year
$45 a qtr/$180 a year
COMBO 3: Design & Build, Hosting, Domain name, perpetual updates
(< 2 hrs a month)
$55 a qtr/$200 a year
$100 a qtr/$400 a year
$230 a qtr/$900 a year