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Convert Reel to Reel tape to CD

Reel to Reel tape icon to Compact Disk icon or MP3 player icon

I can convert reel to reel tapes to CDs or digital files(*)

Note: It is legal to have a copy in a different format for each device you own. Click HERE for the details.

Standard price (includes GST) (Contact me for bulk discounts) Note: (max size reel is 17.5cm)

  • Basic audio conversion - standard direct transfer of cassette contents to digital file and standard 'hiss' removal, equalising, track splitting but NO artwork:
    - 1 to 80 Minutes tape to ONE CD - $20 or to files (on supplied USB stick) - $15
    - 81 to 160 minutes tape to TWO CDs - $35 or to files (on supplied USB stick) - $30
    - each extra 80 minutes (or part thereof) of audio produced costs $15 per CD or$10 for digital files(s)
  • Individual track tag information for digital files - $8
  • CD cover art (colour) and track listing inside - $5 per CD
  • Extra CD copies - $3, with artwork & track listing - $5

Turn around time is usually within 48 hours.

* Digital file formats supported are: WAV. AIFF. MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC and WMA.