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Portable Public Address

I have a very useful, compact and portable public address amplifier/speaker for hire.

The system consists of a compact yet powerful amplifier with a built in radio receiver and a wireless microphone.

The amplifier runs on an internal 12 volt rechargeable battery or 240VAC mains and features a 6" speaker for clear sound reproduction, an echo function for sound effects and a master volume control and tone control.

The wireless microphone transmitter has an on/off/stand-by switch, microphone jack, and sensitivity control. There are two types of microphones - a head band microphone and a lapel microphone for 'hand free' operation. The system is also equipped to accept a wired microphone, which I will include if desired, and an auxiliary music source which is useful for creating a before proceedings atmosphere.

An audio output socket is also provided to record the proceedings - great for capturing the wedding or lecture for a permanent record.

The system is ideal for small public address applications such as weddings or lectures where there is no power source or holding a small event out doors.

Cost of hire is $25.00 per day or part thereof.


Note: if you think this is a great idea and want one to own, you can purchase it from Jaycar Electronics.